AgileGTM Web3 Accelerator

Our Focus

Leading the next phase of Web3 adoption

2021 marked the start of Web3 adoption by major brands. The corporate world leveraged Blockchain technology in an attempt to create a new level of customer engagement and loyalty for future generations of buyers.We believe the next phase of digital transformation will be driven by solutions catering to enterprises, as they implement Web3 technology in every aspect of business and allow their audiences to benefit from it.We're the world's 1st B2B Blockchain accelerator fund investing in MVPs building the 3 layers of the future internet: Decentralized, Ownable, and Immersive.Our 12-week in-person program focuses on Go-To-Market enablement and commercial traction and is delivered in Lisbon, the #1 location for Web3 entrepreneurs in Europe.We take responsibility for early-stage success and believe that talented founders with disruptive vision can be nurtured into reaching their full potential.Our first cohort will launch in 2024, and applications will open soon. Follow us on Linkedin or email us to learn more: